Setup Hyperledger Composer to Build Blockchain POC Application

We are going to setup Hyper-ledger Composer Playground with some examples.

Hyperledger Composer Installation

cd $HOME curl -O -k chmod u+x

run the command to install the:

sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common

Install Required Components

 npm install -g [email protected]
 npm install -g [email protected]
 npm install -g [email protected]
 npm install -g yo

Install Playground

npm install -g [email protected]

Install Hyperledger Fabric

Create a directory fabric-dev-servers at your home directory.

mkdir ~/fabric-dev-servers && cd ~/fabric-dev-servers

And run curl command to download the tool and unzip it.

curl -O
tar -xvf fabric-dev-servers.tar.gz

Download the runtime:

export FABRIC_VERSION=hlfv12


Running on the First Time

cd ~/fabric-dev-servers
export FABRIC_VERSION=hlfv12

./ ./

To stop, run this command:


Start the Playground


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